let kids be kids

I have learned a lot since joining a social networking site that is just for moms. Mainly that I am glad that I am not an uptight mom that freaks if my kids get dirty, sick, or eat something that isn’t organic! But there are a lot of other things also. I for one am shocked at the amount of moms out there that really have no clue what is going on. They don’t realize that just because today that is what your doctor says is right and good, doesn’t mean that the next time you have a baby that will be the same. More than likely what you are doing with #1 will be wrong by the time #2 comes around, and completely outdated by the time you have #3 or more! Why can’t we go back to letting kids be kids, and for us to start going with our instincts instead of what some doctor writes in a book? I’ve seen moms freak because their child wasn’t following what a book said they should be, or because they are trying to follow the book, but since their child is an individual they get frustrated because they won’t conform to the ideas of some one who has never met their child
Is this what we really want our children to be. Exact text book examples of each other? From where I stand, I see way to much conforming to the standard and not enough individuals if we keep parenting this way. Personally I am glad that my children are all different, and that they do not conform to the standard that some doctor wrote in a book.


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