Quiet Time?

So many mothers are making their children have “quiet time” after they have out grown naps. The mothers claim it is because they need their mommy time. I guess I do not understand this practice. You are a mother, when you became pregnant you lost that right to time to yourself during the day.

Being a stay at home mom I know the stress involved with being around your children constantly, but even that does not make me send them to their room and force them to stay in their beds so I can do what I want. My feelings have always been that you should not do anything to your children that you would not like done to yourself. For me personally this includes being put in my room where I have to sit in my bed because someone else is needing to be alone for an hour.

I wish that some one would do a study on this practice to see if it was in some way wrong. It seems that the only way that most mothers will stop doing something is because some “expert” says to. Personally I know that my children are all different and that no “expert” that has wrote a book knows exactly how to deal with them, but again, unfortunately there are those that believe the books are right. (I’ll save that for a rant another day though)

My point is that why send your child to their room so you can have mommy time, when you wouldn’t like it if your DH/SO or child said you need to go to your room and lay in your bed for an hour so I can be alone.


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