Day two of packing

After learning everything that we did yesterday about packing with 3 kids, I have changed my game plan for packing!

Supplies (more added after learning from mistakes)
250 boxes of different sizes
15 rolls of duct tape
60 Sunday Papers
20 Sharpie Markers
100 trash bags
2 cases of beer

Get up, drink coffee. Play on until time to get husband up for work. Get kids breakfast, change diapers, change clothes. Argue with oldest about why she has to change out of pjs even though we aren’t leaving the house today. Lose argument because haven’t had enough coffee to think of good argument. Remind husband to take blood pressure pill, get husband out of house.
Go back to playing on, check on farm in farmtown on face book, look at funny jokes, check email, go back to play latte land on cafemom. Go break up fight, change diaper, take one to bathroom, do some dishes, sweep floors, start load of laundry, look at weather to see if it is suppose to rain today.
Gather all packing supplies except for beer in general area. Put together 3 boxes, give each kid one box, put 2 news papers in toddlers box. Place all children and boxes in living room.
Open beer, duct tape box together, put items in box, duct tape box shut. Write on box with sharpie, place in garage, go break up fight, send older children to clean room. Threaten to not pack any of their toys if they don’t clean their room. Open next beer. Look for duct tape, find duct tape, put box together, open closet that is used for storage and start pulling out boxes. Open box, find stuff from high school, sit down with beer and go through box. Decided that you can’t throw any of it away, duct tape box up, write misc on box so husband doesn’t know what is in box.
Make lunch, eat lunch, clean up lunch.
Play on computer some more
go back to packing.
Find box of husbands high school stuff. decide he can look at it and decide what he wants, put on kitchen counter. Open next box, realise that it is stuff from college, grab another beer, look at everything, decide not to throw any of it away, duct tape box and put misc on it again. Find next box in closet, put everything in different box label misc. Do this with the rest of the boxes in the closet. As long as they are in a different box no one will know that you didn’t actually look at what you were doing.
Open another beer, move to kitchen, Open cabinet and look surprised at how much stuff you have that you never use. Open another beer, start packing next box, take kid to bathroom, change diaper, let dog out, let dog back in, answer phone. Talk on phone for hour, drinking 2 more beers. Decide that you have done enough for the day and pack more tomorrow!


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