Why are some moms so narrow minded

I am a member of an on-line mothers community. Within the community there is a group of mothers that are very passionate about extended rear facing car seats (erf) and are always saying how Sweden has less children car accident deaths than the United States. After a little bit of research I came to find out that in my opinion these women are not telling you the true reason that they have less child deaths than us.

Sweden has a program called Vision Zero. Now if you are like me, you have never once heard any of the passionate ERF moms EVER talk about Vision Zero, and how THAT is the major factor in why Sweden has 8.6 deaths per 100,000 vehicles and the United States has 18.5 deaths per 100,000 vehicles.

Vision Zero puts the blame not on the motorist for their traffic accidents, but that the city designers, and planners for designing the roads incorrect before. Vision Zero has installed Central Safety Barriers on roads which reduces the amount of head on collisions by 80%. They have lowered urban speed limits and have reduced the amount of injuries and deaths to pedestrians and cyclist by 50% (these are included in traffic deaths), AND they have a new law that REQUIRES all children under the age of 15 wear a helmet while riding in any vehicle.

Vision Zero does accept that accidents will happen but tries to remove anything that can cause an accident: traffic is slowed, intersections are redesigned, guard rails put up, and rigid roadside objects like trees and rocks are removed. This reduces the amount of accidents even more! Not to mention that Sweden has some of the best roads in the world to drive on. Also their crash rate went down 40 years ago when they started driving on the other side of the road from us.

Also you can look at Sweden’s car manufacturers for their safety features on their vehicles as being part of the reason they have fewer crashes. These companies have developed cruise control that adjusts to stay a safe distance from the vehicles around you, night vision similar to that used in the military, and sensitive alcohol sensors to name a few.

So by studying ALL of the factors that go into why Sweden has less traffic fatalities, I have decided that is not just because they ERF. The reason that they have less is due to Vision Zero, and ALL of the changes to road systems that has resulted in, their laws including the helmet law for children under 15, and their 2 most popular car manufacturers having more advanced safety features than the top 2 car manufacturers in the US.

After sharing this information with them stating about how there are more factors than just the ERF going into their lower death rate, the most popular response has been where are the numbers on car seats? I’m sorry, the whole country has less because of the laws and you are worried because I didn’t show the car seat numbers. It would be clear to say that ALL of the laws are the reason their death rate is lower, you can’t pick one thing and say this is the reason that it is lower! Unfortunately it always seems that the moms that are the most passionate about something are also those that won’t listen to anything unless it has to do with what they are passionate about, and in this case since I didn’t mention car seats to them I am just rambling and my facts don’t apply to their cause.





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