Naked toddler strikes again!

I was working on packing some more of the house up, when suddenly I heard screams coming from the living room. I walked in there to see what the girls were screaming about and what my son was laughing about. And there I saw it. The naked toddler
The naked toddler has been popping up randomly around my house for at least 6 months now. I haven’t figured out how to keep him from coming around yet. My husbands theory was to put pants on him so he couldn’t take his diaper off. GEE HONEY (smacking my head with my hand while saying it) Why didn’t I think of that. Oh ya, because I’m the mom and as the mom I know that he can take his pants off just as quick as his diaper!
So I attempted to catch the naked toddler as he ran through the living room into the dinning room. I tripped on the Barbies my daughters had brought down, and then stepped on the Lego’s my son got out. Giving him just enough time to make a break down the hallway and into the master bed room
He slammed the door before I could reach it, and then locked the door. Now the problem is that the naked toddler is not going to unlock the door for you to catch him. So using all of my mom powers I did the smart thing, I went and got a screw driver and proceeded to take the handle off the door so I could get to him. Since this is the third naked toddler to invade my house, I’ve gotten pretty quick at it too.
After I got the handle off and cornered him. I carried the naked toddler into the living room where I put his clothes back on him, defeating the naked toddler and taking away his super power of making his sisters scream and then went to put the door back together.
Before I had the door back together though, the naked toddler struck again.
Oh well, as long has he doesn’t pee on the carpet.


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