Gotta love Indiana in the spring and summer

I love my home state. I love the cornfields, the sight of farms dotting the landscape. How flat it is! Didn’t realize that I loved that till I spent yesterday in Cincinnati with all of those hills! I love the Colts, and the Pacers, and of course Indiana basket ball and the Purdue Boilermakers!

The one thing that I could live without is the weather here. We go from 30 degrees to 70 degrees the next day. We really don’t have a spring, it seems that we go straight from freezing our butts off to full blown summer complete with humidity.

Anyone who has ever lived in Indiana can tell you that if it’s humid, it’s going to storm. And not just a little storm, Oh No, full blown thunderstorm. They just randomly pop up all over the state, and it seems more than likely exactly over my house. Take the other day for instance, my loving husband calls me to ask if I had changed the tire on the car yet (another blog post for another day right there) and I told him no because it had been storming all day. I guess at this point he looked outside his office and informed me that it wasn’t raining and it hadn’t all day. Now the problem with his reasoning is that he is 30 minutes away, and in this state, he might as well be in Florida because the weather can be different on the other side of the county here. Heck my town has 12 streets north to south and it was pouring with standing water in the street on 3rd street and on 8th street where our house is, it was sprinkling. Tell me how that makes any sense.

When I got up this morning it was pouring, there was thunder which was making the dog go nuts, and of course me yelling at the dog to be quiet so I could at least get a little bit of time to myself before my house went all crazy. All of the kids woke up, and complained about the rain, and I sat there listening to them knowing that it was going to be another long day with them stuck inside.

It quit raining before lunch, thank god. Too bad we have gotten over 2 inches in under 24 hours, so the sun isn’t drying anything out right now. And my son and one of my daughters has an attraction to mud puddles. As soon as they see the sun they want to go outside to play. None of them can understand why mommy won’t let them. And I get numerous I hate yous yelled at me.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will rain again today. It does say pop up storms likely, and I just let the dog out and it’s humid enough for one too.


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