Up the stairs, down the stairs, down, down, down

I spent yesterday upstairs packing the kids rooms. I tried having them help, but they of course, didn’t want to get rid of any of their toys. SO I played the go play on the computer card, and left me with just the little one up there for company.

My lovely husband kept calling me the whole time I was up there, and I kept running up and down the stairs to get the phone. Why didn’t I just take the phone upstairs you may be asking, there is a really good reason for that. With everything else I had upstairs, and the state of my children’s rooms, I’m pretty sure that it would have gotten packed in a box or thrown away! Much safer to leave it on the charger downstairs. I wouldn’t have minded him calling usually, unfortunatly he laughed at me every time I got to the phone just as the machine was picking it up.

As I packed each box and sorted through all of the toys attempting to find all of the pieces that went with each other. I realized that, my kids have WAY too many toys that have multiple pieces. I mean seriously every toy up there goes with something else and who knows where the polly pocket shoes are. Those things are so damn tiny they get lost way to easily.

I have found the Barbie clothes though. YAY! Maybe finally we won’t have 30 naked Barbie, Princess and Bratz dolls laying around the house. Or maybe they’ll have clothes on for those first 5 minutes after I walk out of the room. I’m going to go with the second one just because I know my girls.

I was packing the farm in my sons room, and there were no animals around it. I had to wade through my daughters’ room and then search through his basket o toys in the living room to find the animals. I thought I had found at least most of them till I started on the girls room. Guess those will all just get thrown into a box of their own.

As I started to carry some of the boxes that I had already packed downstairs I kept singing a song that my middle daughter made up when she was 2 and we were going on walks. It goes “Up the hill, down the hill, down, down, down. ” Now I did change hill to stairs, but I still think that this confirms my theory that packing is driving me nuts, and my husband really just needs to hire someone to pack the rest of the house.


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