Why some doctors should lose their license

As previously stated, the reason that I haven’t been around the last 2 months is because I have been taking care of my husband who we found out has multiple sclerosis. The first doctor that he saw, well lets just say if I could figure out how to get his license yanked I would!

Here is the story. I can look back at it now and laugh, some, but I am still thinking that if this doctor hadn’t been such an idiot that my husband’s condition would not have deteriorated as much as it did.

June 28th we moved in with my mother-in-law. We were suppose to be moving 4 hours away into Ohio 2 weeks after that. We were staying there while I could finish up our house in northern Indiana, and get our new one ready in Southern Ohio. So we packed everything up, put it in storage 45 min from our house in our home town where both of our families live.

June 29th I wake my husband up so he can get ready for work. He tells me that his head hurts and he feels weird. I told him that it was because he was living at his mothers house, got him some aspirin, and that didn’t help. A few hours go by, he’s having balance issues, walking issues, seeing issues, basically issues! I load him, and all 3 kids up and take him up to the hospital in town. Small rural hospital mind you. Call my mother who agrees to come get the kids when she gets off work.

After waiting in a room in the ER for 3 HOURS, we finally see the doctor. He asks if my husband hit his head the day before while moving. He said that he bumped it on the garage door, but it was more like OW, I hit my head, not seeing starts. They give him a CAT scan. 4 more hours go by with no nurses or anyone checking on him. The doctor comes back in, says “There is a spot on your brain. I want you to have an MRI tomorrow to make sure it is a stroke. But it could be an inner ear infection.” Alright at this point if you are like me, you are going it looks like a stroke, but you think it could be an inner ear infection. May I please see some proof that you are a real doctor. They give me the paperwork to schedule his MRI the next day, and blood work. Which they said that since we didn’t have a doctor affiliated with that hospital that they couldn’t do that day or schedule it themselves. Again I was seriously going what the hell has happened here in the 3 years that we have been gone! And they release him. Again, ummmm he is one month from his 30th birthday, may have had a stroke, and you are releasing him into my care. OKAY.

His condition deteriorated over night, to the point where he couldn’t walk at all the next morning. I had to call an ambulance to come and get him. We get to the hospital, wait, you guessed it, 3 hours to see a doctor or nurse. To me if you are coming in by ambulance they MAY want to see you sooner than that, but what do I know, I don’t have a medical degree! When the doctor does walk in, wow, same damn doctor. They finally transfer him to the nearest large hospital after another 4 hours. I swear they must not get paid for anything unless you have been in that hospital for 7 hours or something.

They set him up with a neurologist. She comes in and gives my husband some stupid human tricks. NONE of which he could do with his left side. She said, from your CAT scan and this I am pretty sure that you had a stroke. I was wondering why they were sending you to me because your paperwork says that you hit your head on a garage door and have an inner ear infection. They should have sent you here last night, and never released you from that ER. That doctor is an idiot, and could have killed you.

After a lot of tests she came in and told us that it wasn’t a stroke, it was multiple sclerosis. But I still would like to take the ER doctors degree and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine!


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