Why I love being a cashier some days

1. Some times I get to tell people that they are wrong

Tonight a lady came in complaining that we had charged her the wrong price yesterday for potatoes. I was nice enough to point out to her that the sale didn’t start till today. She then demanded that I refund her money since the flyers come out on Wednesday, but the sales don’t start till Thursday. I let my manager deal with her after she was done cussing at me.

2. People don’t understand what the bars on the side of the register are for

Yep when you put your things right up against the customer in front of yous items, I think it’s all one big order. So when you get pissy with me that I rang up your items on their order I can’t really do anything but take the items off the other persons order. I am sorry that you could not take a few seconds to use the bar to separate the orders and now you have to wait longer for me to ring you up

3. I can’t help it that you never registered as a senior rewards member.

Until you are registered as a Senior Rewards member, I cannot give you the discount for Seniors on Thursdays. This rule has not changed from the week before, or the week before that either. I am more than happy to help you to the customer service desk to get you registered still though.

4. Small store, only one bagger

Yes we are a small store and only have one bagger scheduled at a time. I am also sorry that they are in high school and do not work past 9pm during the week. I am not in charge of schedules and cannot help it that it takes you longer to get out of the store because I am ringing up and bagging your $300 order

5. Kids ringing up items for their parents

I am glad that you think that letting your children ring your items for you is cute. Unfortunately the customers behind you don’t think that it is cute, and they would like for me to ring you up quickly, and not have to keep voiding things off that your little one has rang twice.

6. Kids running around with no supervision

This actually makes me feel good because I realise that there is one area of parenting that I don’t agree with!!!!!!

7. Your 7, 8, ect year old should not be sent to the store by themselves to get you items

yes, I have seen some kids as young as 6 and can barely see over the counter running into the store for their parents. Most do not have enough money for their item because they were not given enough. If you need something, please come in and get it yourself, it’s really just frustrating for your kids and for the cashiers.

I’m sure that there are a lot more, but these are just the ones that I had tonight!!! Don’t get me wrong, I like my job. But there are just certain nights that it seems like if it can go wrong, it does!


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  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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