Future Friendly Challenge update 1

OK, so as you know I was one of the few lucky moms chosen for the Future Friendly Challenge on www.cafemom.com I received my package from them. (yay!) I will be/have been trying the Tide cold water, Cascade action packs, and Duracell rechargeable batteries.

My main concern about the tide was that it wasn’t a free and clear. Mady has sensitive skin and a couple years ago I had to stop using Tide and switch to All free and clear because she was breaking out. I used the All on our normal clothes and was just using the Tide on the towels and she seems to be doing OK with it, so I’m going to attempt to use it on some of the play clothes this week to see how she does with it. Washing your clothes in cold water saves on your heating bill. Being in the country I can’t judge if my water bill has gone down any, but I know that my gas bill will!

The Cascade action packs I can’t wait to try out, unfortunately I’m going to have to wait until we move to the new house. Can’t wait to have a dishwasher again!

The Duracell batteries are currently in the Wii controllers. They seem to be holding up pretty well. They came precharged so that was nice that I didn’t have to wait forever to charge them the first time, plus the batteries were dead in the controllers the day that they came so I didn’t have to go and get new ones. Always a plus.

The big guy is having some issues letting go of his weekly case of bottled water, so I guess I’ll just keep recycling the bottles till I can convince him to give them up. At least I know they aren’t going to a landfill.


bad mommy moment

The preschool has all the days off as the elementary school, plus extra. They send home a note at the beginning of the month, most of the time, letting you know what extra days they will not be attending. Must have missed Aprils note, and I’m not real sure where May’s is either.

Today started like any other. I got off work at 6:30am, got home at 7am, and got Kynz and Mady up for school. After bowels of cereal, arguments on if they brushed their teeth long enough, and making sure everyone had everything that they needed for the day, out the door to the bus stop we went.

As we waited, no one says anything to me about Mady being there. The bus pulls up, we all walk up to the bus, the bus driver informs me that the preschoolers do not have school today. Oops. So I get Kynz on the bus and walk back up to the house with Mady. The big guy was a little bit surprised to see her walk back in.

You can no officially mark another one up in the bad mommy moment category for me.

work tries to call me in

Working 6 days a week the last 6 weeks has taken a toll on not only me, my house, but also my kids. With the big guy still not recovered from his last MS episode, my sleep schedule during all this has not exactly been normal.

Tonight was my first night off in a week. I ran errands with the big guy all day, got Kynz off the bus, and finally went to bed about 4pm. At 8pm Kynz comes back and wakes me up. Only 4 hours of sleep, yep I’m real awake. And tells me that work called and they want me to come in. Really?

After I listen to the message they left on the machine I just started laughing. The big guy didn’t even want me to call them back but I told him the last time someone didn’t return the call they assumed that they were coming in so I had better call them back.

The conversation went like this

Them “So you got our message, what time are you coming in?”

Me (laughing) “UM, I’m not.”

Them “But Kathy called in, we need someone to work it”

Me (still laughing) ” Listen, I’ve worked 6 days a week for the last 6 weeks. I’ve worked 6 days straight, I need a night off. Not to mention I’m not ‘qualified’ to work the lift so I can’t unload the at least 2 trucks that are coming in tonight. PLUS I don’t have management codes so I can’t do the technical store close, I don’t have management keys so I can’t do the overrides, and I only got 4 hours of sleep today. You need to call Dave or Todd”

Them “We did, they won’t return our calls.”

Me “Well guess you guys have a problem then”

Them “If you don’t come in Jeff (store manager) will have to stay to unload the trucks and he did the evening management shift”

Me “Not my problem, they should have thought of this before they screwed me over and hired a kid to fill the position that I’ve been working for the last 6 weeks. I’ll be in Sunday at 10 for my shift” and I hung up the phone

Ah that felt so good telling them that I wasn’t going to come in.

spring cleaning, the truck

I finally managed to clean my SUV out today. Wow what an adventure. I found my sunglasses that I thought the little guy had gotten a hold of and lost. I’m now up to 11 lighters, including my “lucky” colts lighter. AND I finally found the cell phone that I thought had been lost forever, which means that I finally have all of my old phone numbers once I find the charger that goes with it.

Unfortunately I also found some fossilized french fries. I’m thinking those were from happy meals the kids ate, and the witches hats to the girls Halloween costumes. HMMMMM, had it been that long. I can now access the third row of my truck for the first time in months.

The big guy was very proud of me for finally taking the time to clean it out. He then asked me when I was going to do the cabinets in the house. *sigh* guess I’ll be doing those next. Or maybe I’ll just wait until we move in a month and do them then. I think the second part sounds the best.

The mommy wars

My husband is finally starting to understand what I went through for 3 years being a stay at home mom (sahm). The feelings of loneliness, not knowing what day it is, and needing a break from the kids. Neither of us wanted to be stay at home parents when we became them. I was due to the fact I was pregnant with number 3, we were going to have 3 under 5, he was working 60 + hours a week, and I really didn't want to pay $400 a week for private preschool and day care. Plus he had been bugging me for 2 years or more to stay at home with the girls. He is staying at home because he is disabled due to multiple sclerosis.

When I was a sahm I did everything cooked all the meals walked the kids to and from preschool and school, cleaned the house, did the yard work, ran the errands, took the kids to their practices, games, and lessons. And yet I didn't have the satisfaction I got from working. I missed adult interaction and feeling as if I had accomplished something that day. I was secretly excited to go look for a job after the big guy couldn't work any more.

Now that he's been home for almost a year he's starting to realize what I ment when I said I just need a break, or I needed 5 minutes to myself. He has to ask me what day of the week it is sometimes. I laugh when he's trying to figure out supper at 9am, something he HATED that I did.

But yet he doesn't get the full effect of being a stay at home parent. He can't drive, he can't do some things without losing his balance, his last episode left him in almost constant pain. So its back to being on me to do everything plus work. He doesn't do any house work or yard work, sometimes he'll cook, and he takes care of the kids while I sleep.

This morning he tried to give me a list of things to do before I fell asleep for the day. He seemed a little agitated when I told him that it wasn't happening and I'd deal with it later. I know that as a sahm I would get mad when he didn't help when I was over whelmed and he didn't understand why I was. Now at least he does.

I'm now a firm believer in that at some point in time BOTH parents should have to stay at home. But also the one that isn't at home to have to work. This way they both can understand the feelings that come with both being a stay at home parent and a working parent. Being a sahm isn't for everyone, and it certainly wasn't for me, hopefully the big guy will adjust to it better than I did.

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Crazy woodland creatures

In the last month I've had 2 squirrels and 4 bunnies committed suicide via my truck. They wait in the ditch and then jolt out into the road right as my headlights hit them. All within a 2 mile stretch of the same road. One of the poor little bunnies decided to do this Easter morning, guess hiding the eggs was too much for him.

Last night another suicidal animal decided that my truck would bring it to its end again. Unfortunate for me it was a skunk. My whole truck now smells inside and out. The weather has again turned cold in Indiana, so driving for 20 minutes to work with my windows down was a bit frigid. And smelling a slight hint of skunk mixed in with my perfume for 8 and 1/2 hours was a bit nauseating. Luckily for me I work at a place that sells air neutralizer and air freshener. Which as the sun heats my truck up today I should have a raspberry skunk smelling truck by tonight.

So dear flower RIP, you shall never know how long you stayed in my life after you found your end. My only question is how much tomato juice will I need to wash an expedition?

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I’m right here!

Well the little guy has done one that we have no clue how he did it. I woke up today to be informed of what he did.

The big guy said that it got real quiet, and he went looking for the little guy. He yelled for him and heard the reply that he was stuck. He looked in the girls room, his room, the bathroom. He asked him again, where are you and heard “I’m right here daddy”. Well it ends up that he shut himself in the dryer!!!

Now how he got into the dryer and shut the door by himself I’ll never figure out. If his sisters had been home I would have said that he was “helped” in there by them, but they were at school. So another mystery will go down as something that mom will never figure out, but all the kids are still alive and well, so that is all that matters.