What to get, and when to get it

Easter is tomorrow. And in “Real” mom style, I have yet to buy anything for the big day. Some little girl in Kynz’s class seems to be telling her that the Easter Bunny needs food cooked for him and the more you cook the more he will bring you. UMMMM, I think I need to figure out who this kid is and make a call to their “perfect” mother, and inform her that SOME of us do not have the time to make a 5 course meal for an imaginary creature, and to tell her kid to shut it.

I remember as a kid waking up, eating a ton of chocolate, finding a few eggs, then stuffing ourselves at grandma’s. When did this all change to where they get as much for Easter as they did Christmas? Did I miss a mommy memo on the switch? I’ve seen posts on http://www.cafemom.com asking what you are getting your children for Easter. All I can think is “REALLY?” when I read some of the answers. My theory has always been if it doesn’t fit in the basket, it isn’t an Easter gift Luckily my husband thinks the same way as I do!

So here in a bit I guess I will be off to Kmart or Meijer to look through the last of the plastic eggs, the picked over chocolate, and pink bunnies to find something that makes it appear that the Easter bunny has it together, and it’s not actually their disorganized, stressed out, sleep deprived mother that threw together their baskets before leaving for work the night before Easter.


3 Responses

  1. I'm starting to get scared listening to all the things mom's are doing for Easter. 5 course meals? I've also heard about bunny foot print cut outs and tons of toys. Yikes!I was also frightened by the kind of parties being thrown over St. Patrick's Day. I do not stand a chance. My poor kid is going to grow up thinking that the Easter Bunny and the Leprachans hate him.

  2. Wait, I'm suppose to throw st patrick,s day parties? Well crap missed that one too lol

  3. Haha. Don't feel too bad. I haven't bought one thing for Easter although I did send my husband to the store to buy eggs and a dye kit. I had no idea that Easter has morphed into Christmas, part II. Our society has become so materialistic, it saddens me. At least there are moms out there like us who are keeping it real!

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