always good to wake up to the smoke detector

I was sleeping, you know one of those really good deep sleeps that as a mom you don’t get that often. When I’m woke up by the smoke detector going off, the dog barking, and the kids yelling. I jump out of bed, run into the living room, and get told by the big guy “I added the butter too soon, go back to bed.” Ya, because we all know that after that kind of commotion I’m going to be able to fall back asleep REAL quick. All I could do was look at him and in the famous words of Ron White say “Honey, I do believe that the food is done before that particular alarm goes off”

Don’t get me wrong, I am very glad that he is attempting to cook, especially while the kids are on spring break and I can get some sleep. He’s just not that great at most things. When we first were married and actually up until the last 6 months he couldn’t even make instant potatoes.

I do remember his most famous disaster quiet vividly though. Raspberry glazed salmon. 5 years ago he some how got it in his head that this would be a good thing. And pro ceded to mess my kitchen up in his attempt to make it. I ended up ordering a pizza that night.

At least now that he is a SAHD he’s figured out Hamburger Helper, and how to cook potatoes. He’s not up to steaming veggies, or making a casserole yet. But maybe in the next 4 years he can figure that one out. Or at least till Kynz is old enough to cook. My goal is to teach him how to cook without messing the whole kitchen up. If he can get that one down I’d be ecstatic

I still want to know what I added the butter too soon means though.


2 Responses

  1. The smoke detector in our house goes off if you open the oven door. No joke. When we cook at night after the baby is in bed, one of us opens the oven door while the other one stands beneath the smoke detector and waves at it with a towel to keep it from waking the kid. Good times.Raspberry glazed salmon sounds sort of good. Maybe on top of spinach salad?

  2. AHHH. My smoke detector goes off if you turn the oven on above 350. It drives me CRAZY. Especially because it's so loud that I'm worried it's damaging the baby's hearing. Yes, I am paranoid.What else? Deep sleep…I haven't had any of that since January. FML.FallnAngel, I am following your blog!

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