mother is always right.

My mother always told me that the more kids you have the less stuff you use with each of them, and the less pictures you take of them. I hate to say it, but I realised yesterday that my mother is right. She told me that there were tons of pictures of me, and by the time you get to my baby brother, well not so many.

Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend of mine and she said she had to go and get her son out of his highchair. This got me thinking that the little guy, who will be 3 in June, never had a highchair in the house. He also never had a changing table, monthly pictures professionally taken, or any major baby items that weren’t new. ie crib, playpen, toddler bed, heck poor little guys toy box even use to be his sisters.

I started going through the pictures and realised that we hadn’t gotten a family picture taken in about4 or 5 years. Now if you’re following along you know that the youngest isn’t 3 yet, so yep, only the big guy, me and the two girls. Which were a toddler and an infant at the time. Well shoot, need to get one of those taken sometime soon.

The funny thing is that he is a happy, healthy, overly active at times toddler. Same as his sisters who had the new items, who I got all of the newest things for. I thought when I was pregnant with my first that I needed everything, and I got everything. By the second I realised that I could do without most things, and by the third…well…It’s easier to just change him on the couch instead of a changing table, not deal with the baby bathtub and just put him straight into the regular tub, and that diaper genie was a pain to deal with anyway.

I didn’t worry about him taking his diaper off constantly, I knew it was a phase that they all go through. When he was fussy I knew it was because he was teething, and there was nothing I could do and not to worry about it. I am a much more relaxed parent with all 3 than I would have been with just one. I also know after 3 that kids are going to throw a fit at least once in a store, that they are going to pee through their diaper the one time you forget the diaper bag, and my all time favorite….Every kid will scream “OUCH NO YOU ARE HURTING ME!!!!!!” At least once while you are in public just because you told them no it was time to go and they don’t want to.

I think that I might have to tell my mother that she was right. But then again I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of knowing that I did the same thing she did, so maybe I won’t.


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  1. So true! I love your post!

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