Procrastinating again

I sit here at 5am procrastinating again. I can see my kitchen with the dishes needing done, the floor needing mopped, and the trash needing taken out. The living room needing the toys picked up and vacuumed. And in the back of my mind I know that there are clothes that need to go in the wash. But yet here I sit.

It’s been one of those ongoing nights for me. I worked last night, got called home at 3am due to the big guy having some problems, didn’t even feel like falling asleep. He wanted to run errands today, finally got that done and in bed at 1pm. Kids fought with each other till 2pm. Got up at 5pm to cook supper. Left for a friends house for a get together at 645pm. Left there at 12:30am, took a nap from 2am to 3am. And have been sitting at my computer looking at the “present” my family left me ever since.

Normally I have 3 nights to get all of this done and can procrastinate for one of them. But seeing as we’re short handed at work, the last month I’ve been working 6 days a week. The big guy having his last episode, and the kids being on spring break, means that for the last month it’s been up to me to do the cleaning, the cooking, and everything else.

And yet, here I sit.

I know that in a few hours the family will be up. The big guy asking me what I did, and my reply will be “nothing”. For once I did nothing instead of busting my butt and getting it all done. I wonder if he’ll finally get me a maid if I do nothing for long enough?


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