bad mommy moment

The preschool has all the days off as the elementary school, plus extra. They send home a note at the beginning of the month, most of the time, letting you know what extra days they will not be attending. Must have missed Aprils note, and I’m not real sure where May’s is either.

Today started like any other. I got off work at 6:30am, got home at 7am, and got Kynz and Mady up for school. After bowels of cereal, arguments on if they brushed their teeth long enough, and making sure everyone had everything that they needed for the day, out the door to the bus stop we went.

As we waited, no one says anything to me about Mady being there. The bus pulls up, we all walk up to the bus, the bus driver informs me that the preschoolers do not have school today. Oops. So I get Kynz on the bus and walk back up to the house with Mady. The big guy was a little bit surprised to see her walk back in.

You can no officially mark another one up in the bad mommy moment category for me.


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