work tries to call me in

Working 6 days a week the last 6 weeks has taken a toll on not only me, my house, but also my kids. With the big guy still not recovered from his last MS episode, my sleep schedule during all this has not exactly been normal.

Tonight was my first night off in a week. I ran errands with the big guy all day, got Kynz off the bus, and finally went to bed about 4pm. At 8pm Kynz comes back and wakes me up. Only 4 hours of sleep, yep I’m real awake. And tells me that work called and they want me to come in. Really?

After I listen to the message they left on the machine I just started laughing. The big guy didn’t even want me to call them back but I told him the last time someone didn’t return the call they assumed that they were coming in so I had better call them back.

The conversation went like this

Them “So you got our message, what time are you coming in?”

Me (laughing) “UM, I’m not.”

Them “But Kathy called in, we need someone to work it”

Me (still laughing) ” Listen, I’ve worked 6 days a week for the last 6 weeks. I’ve worked 6 days straight, I need a night off. Not to mention I’m not ‘qualified’ to work the lift so I can’t unload the at least 2 trucks that are coming in tonight. PLUS I don’t have management codes so I can’t do the technical store close, I don’t have management keys so I can’t do the overrides, and I only got 4 hours of sleep today. You need to call Dave or Todd”

Them “We did, they won’t return our calls.”

Me “Well guess you guys have a problem then”

Them “If you don’t come in Jeff (store manager) will have to stay to unload the trucks and he did the evening management shift”

Me “Not my problem, they should have thought of this before they screwed me over and hired a kid to fill the position that I’ve been working for the last 6 weeks. I’ll be in Sunday at 10 for my shift” and I hung up the phone

Ah that felt so good telling them that I wasn’t going to come in.


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