Future Friendly Challenge update 1

OK, so as you know I was one of the few lucky moms chosen for the Future Friendly Challenge on www.cafemom.com I received my package from them. (yay!) I will be/have been trying the Tide cold water, Cascade action packs, and Duracell rechargeable batteries.

My main concern about the tide was that it wasn’t a free and clear. Mady has sensitive skin and a couple years ago I had to stop using Tide and switch to All free and clear because she was breaking out. I used the All on our normal clothes and was just using the Tide on the towels and she seems to be doing OK with it, so I’m going to attempt to use it on some of the play clothes this week to see how she does with it. Washing your clothes in cold water saves on your heating bill. Being in the country I can’t judge if my water bill has gone down any, but I know that my gas bill will!

The Cascade action packs I can’t wait to try out, unfortunately I’m going to have to wait until we move to the new house. Can’t wait to have a dishwasher again!

The Duracell batteries are currently in the Wii controllers. They seem to be holding up pretty well. They came precharged so that was nice that I didn’t have to wait forever to charge them the first time, plus the batteries were dead in the controllers the day that they came so I didn’t have to go and get new ones. Always a plus.

The big guy is having some issues letting go of his weekly case of bottled water, so I guess I’ll just keep recycling the bottles till I can convince him to give them up. At least I know they aren’t going to a landfill.


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