Race day in Indiana

Sunday of Memorial Day weekend means only one thing growing up in Indiana. Race day. The day that if you have tickets everyone is your best friend, Bob and Tom are live from the track, and you’re going to see some interesting things in the snake pit.
I was lucky enough growing up that my parents had tickets to the Indianapolis 500, which is actually raced in Speedway In. My Senior year of high school I remember as my graduation present they let me go with my boyfriend and 2 friends, no supervision. That was the first year I was able to go into the famous “snake pit”.
The snake pit was turn four. People had been partying for days. Half naked women and men were passed out in random spots. I’m not sure if anyone in that area was even coherent enough to know that there was a race going on.
The snake pit has been turned into the family mounds now in an attempt to make the race more family friendly. But on this day I still get like a little kid on Christmas when I hear Jim Neighbors sing “Back Home Again in Indiana” and the famous words ” Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines.”
Since I am in Indiana I will not be able to watch the race with the rest of you. Sadly it is blacked out here, and always has been. So come 7pm I will be glued to my tv for the replay of the race, pretending that it is only noon.

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Ranch dressing

Why do we need so many different kinds of ranch dressing? Off the top of my head I can think of peppercorn ranch, hot and spicy ranch, cheesy ranch, 3 cheese ranch, italian cheese ranch, cucumber ranch, fat free, low fat, light, and of course original. There are several that I am missing from this list I’m sure. I’m really just confused on why we need this many different kinds of ranch dressing. I have enough going through my brain without having 20 different varieties of ranch dressing to choose from when I go to the store. It never fails that if I have everyone with me I manage to not grab original, and don’t realize it till I get home. Maybe I should switch to french, they don’t seem to mess with it like they do ranch.

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Not in Indiana

It is once again race weekend in Indiana, the biggest spectacle in racing, the Indy 500. Growing up I was lucky enough to have parents with tickets, so I went every year. They have now gone down to only 2 tickets, so none of us kids get to go. My favorite racing league is having its biggest race of the year, and I can’t watch it live. Some one years ago decided it was a good idea to not televise the race in Indiana till so many hours after it was over. Really? So I will sit with my ear to the radio this weekend attempting to find a live feed of it on my computer instead of watching it on my big screen in my chair. I just hope this year my husband and kids will leave me to my racing in piece.

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Should I dance or cry?

It’s the last day of school before summer vacation.  Right now I’m trying to decide if I’m as excited as them, or if I’m going to break down and cry.  I know that the thought of not having to wake up at 3 to get them off of the bus is enough reason to be excited about it,  but them being home with their dad all day while I’m trying to sleep, eh not real excited about that.  I guess that we will find out soon enough, next week I’m off restriction and back to work full time.  Lets see if they let mommy get her sleep or if they run around like crazy people and keep me awake.

Leave Barbie alone already

Another new Barbie line, and another bunch of mothers up in arms over them.  When are we all going to realize that other than her clothes and hairstyle she hasn’t changed that much in a LONG time.  One of them is being called “Big boobed Barbie”.  I want everyone to repeat after me “All of them have the same size boobs”

Barbie is a toy.  A toy that almost all of us played with in our childhoods.  The Barbies that my girls play with have the same proportions as the Barbies I played with in the 80s.  The difference in the two are the clothes.  Barbie has always been very chic and in style.  The styles today are just more revealing than they have been before.  Most of us have that one bra and one shirt that when combined make our boobs look like gravity hasn’t had any effect on us, and we love wearing it.  Barbie is plastic and doesn’t need the miracle bra like us.

Can’t we just lay off Barbie and concentrate on something that could be an actual issue?

Cake and Donuts

I hate it when my kids ask me a question and it makes me think about it all day long.  What really is the difference between cake and donuts for breakfast?  They both are made out of almost the same ingredients, they both have icing, they are essentially the same thing.  And in our anti fried food society today wouldn’t it be safe to say that the cake would be healthier for you than the donut being as the donut is fried and the cake is baked?

Then you can get even more technical with it all and start to ask yourself why is it okay to eat a bowel of cereal for breakfast, but not for supper?  If breakfast foods are okay for mornings why are they not okay for evenings.  Or even reverse it and ask why we can’t have hamburgers and fries in the mornings instead of in the evenings?  Why do we have to eat certain things at certain times for them to be okay?

By my kids wanting more than a simple because I said no, and having to question the whole bases of societies eating habits, my brain can’t stop thinking about all of this.  I’m almost ready to say “Let them eat cake!” for breakfast because I’m running out of reasons to not.

I must be popular

Before I get from the bedroom to the kitchen I can hear mom 10 times by 3 different people and one honey.  I never realized that being a mom you got to be the popular one in the house.  Every booboo needs kissed by you.  All disagreements must be sorted out by you.  All things broken must be fixed by you.  All homework needs to be checked by you.

While I would at least like one cup off coffee in me before I sort out the details of everyone else’s day, I have come to the realization that isn’t going to happen.  Being a mom your brain becomes good at making decisions when only working at partial capacity.  And that is a good thing being that most of us lose our minds after having kids.