What to do for 4 hours in a parking lot with 3 kids

Ah, another quick trip to the ER for the big guy today. Which means that the kids and I were stuck at the hospital for 4 hours. Now for most people the idea of being at a hospital waiting for your husband to get tests ran with an 8 year old, 5 year old, and 2 year old in tow seems a bit daunting, and scary. If you have already lost your mind, it can be quiet easy.

The first thing you want to do is try to plan your emergency to happen first thing in the morning. ERs tend to get busier as the day goes on. Especially on nice Saturdays when there are lots of people out mowing and kids games going on. So you want to leave first thing in the morning. Before the kids are completely awake would be preferable. Make sure you grab their travel cups and fill them with milk or juice, and set the dvr to record their favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

Picking up donuts on the way is a great way to make sure that the kids are full of sugar and ready to not sit down and be good for hours upon end. Remember to get the powder sugar ones or chocolate covered ones. This will give you something to wash off of their hands too, killing more time.

In your hurry to get out of the house, you usually will forget the diaper bag. About the time that you realise this, you will hear the older kids yelling from the back that their brother stinks. A trip to the store to buy pull ups, wipes, and a new shirt will kill some more time. The new shirt will be required due to the fact that he has poop going up his back and onto his shirt. OH What fun we are having now.

While at the store grab some coloring books, a new toy for each kid, crayons, juice boxes, and some of those multi snack packs. Don’t forget the diapers and wipes, which are the whole reason that you came. This would be a good time to use the self checkout lane. You know the temptation that children have to disclose all information to cashiers about poop, brothers, sisters, and the fact that their dad is in the ER.

Changing a toddler out of a poopy pull up and shirt in a truck in the middle of the Meijer parking lot requires some practice. By the third kid you actually get quiet quick at it though. This is also the reason that I carry trash bags and air freshener in my truck at all times.

By the time that you get back to the hospital you will only have to hear them complain about them touching each other for about 3 hours. The complaining will be interrupted briefly at times by whining, screaming, and different complaints about lost crayons under the seat. By the time that your husband gets done with their tests and is released back into the world outside of the hospital you will be close to understanding why some species eat their young. At this time you are allowed to give him dirty looks and not want to talk to him about how the last 4 hours went for you.


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