Who knew it would be this boring?

You never realize just exactly how much you do until you can’t.  With my right hand being immobilized for the next two weeks I’m realizing after 3 days exactly how much I do around the house.  I think that my family is realising this too.  That may be a good thing though.

Even with my husband being a stay at home dad for almost a year now he still hasn’t a clue.  I don’t think that he ever really has paid attention to all that I do around here.  I don’t think that he believed me that the dishes need done every day or they pile up too much.  Last night he finally realised this.

Him “Honey, when was the last time you did dishes?”

Me ” Saturday morning when I could move my hand, why?”

Him “Well I can’t find a clean cup”

Me “Then do some dishes”

Him “OK, where’s the sponge?”

Me “Next to the sink”

Him ” OK, where’s the soap?”

Me ” Under the sink, you have to undo the lock”

Him “Well how do I do that?”

At this point I was thinking that it might be easier to just go attempt to do them one-handed till I heard water running.  When he walked back out into the living room I asked him if he got it open, and found out that he hadn’t, and just  rinsed the glass out.  I’m really hoping that he doesn’t think that he’s going to let them just  sit there for the next two weeks.


One Response

  1. awww, you’ve gotta be kidding me! He’d better get to workin for his lady!
    My husband is like that sometimes and I try really hard to not be sarcastic (because then he really won’t feel the need to help), but you’d better not get one little finger soapy.
    If they can’t eat or dress because nothing is clean, it might nearly kill you, but let it progress like Mr. Mom.
    Partner, remember?

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