Future Friendly Challenge Update #2

Time for another update on how my family is doing!

I finally have found reusable water bottles that all 3 kids like. So they are now using those when we go on car trips instead of bottles of water. The big guy has agreed to stop having me buy him cases of bottled water and when we move to the new house I will be putting in a water filter on the kitchen faucet.

The Tide cold water has not made Mady break out at all. So I have now switched to it. I’m so happy that my clothes can smell like Tide again. I just love the smell of Tide and have missed it the last few years. It does great on getting out the every day things that the kids get on their clothes too. With a toddler, a preschooler, and a first grader, not to mention their father, there are a lot of things that get by me that go into the washer too.

I tried the Duracell Rechargeable batteries in my digital camera last night at Kynz’s 1st grade program. I had charged them before using them in the camera, and they lasted the whole time with my camera being on, so I was pretty impressed with that.

The kids have been getting into the challenge here lately too. They even complained because I bought paper plates the other day instead of using the “real” ones. I tried to explain to them that with mommy’s hand I couldn’t do dishes, but they informed me that wasn’t an excuse.

So far I think that we are doing pretty well with the whole challenge!


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