And the count down begins

Every spring at this time parents around the country are realizing that it is getting warmer and soon school will be coming to the end for the year. The kids are excited, the parents not so much.

Looking at the calendar I realized that this is the last week of school for my children. This year it is up to their father to entertain them for 3 months and not me. The color slowly drained from his face as I told him this. Of course he started asking me what he should do with them. For his benefit and others I have compiled a list.

1. Take them to the library.  This will allow them to read  or be read too over the summer stimulating their little brains.  It will also keep you in practice this summer at keeping track of library books your kids check out.  By the time school starts you won’t be rusty at finding them, alleviating your stress.

2. Swimming.  In a pool, a pond, a lake,  or the swimming hole swimming is great exercise.  You will get to practice your first aid skills on sunburns your children receive, plus they will be wore out putting them to sleep and giving you time to do things that you would like to do.

3. Movies and Popcorn.  You can go to a movie theater and spend a ton of money or rent a movie.  Renting movies will allow you to watch them in the comfort of your own home, and be a lot cheaper.  You also can hear  you kids ask to watch it 10 times in a row and make sure that your vacuum is still in working order when they spill the popcorn.

4. Arts and Crafts.  On those extremely hot or rainy days you may want to do a craft with your children.  Be prepared for your toddler to sneak away with at least one marker and draw on your wall with it.  Baking Soda does take marker off.  Also have fun sweeping up the glitter, and getting the glue off of your table.

5.  Sports.  Athletics keep both  you and your child busy all summer.  Between practices and games, especially with multiple children involved, this will keep you busy and the oil companies in business.

6.  Camping.  The great outdoors.  Spending quality time in the middle of a woods, in a tent, with your family, surrounded by bugs.  I’ll be skipping that one, but have fun with it.

7.  Vacation.  Spend months planning a family vacation include the family in your choices.  Driving hours with everyone and the dog in the car will make you need to up your happy pill dosage, but at least you’ll be in a good mood.

8.  Duct tape.  Invest in duct tape and just tape them to a wall all summer.  They will eventually get tired of attempting to get down and will become a great conversation piece.


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