Cake and Donuts

I hate it when my kids ask me a question and it makes me think about it all day long.  What really is the difference between cake and donuts for breakfast?  They both are made out of almost the same ingredients, they both have icing, they are essentially the same thing.  And in our anti fried food society today wouldn’t it be safe to say that the cake would be healthier for you than the donut being as the donut is fried and the cake is baked?

Then you can get even more technical with it all and start to ask yourself why is it okay to eat a bowel of cereal for breakfast, but not for supper?  If breakfast foods are okay for mornings why are they not okay for evenings.  Or even reverse it and ask why we can’t have hamburgers and fries in the mornings instead of in the evenings?  Why do we have to eat certain things at certain times for them to be okay?

By my kids wanting more than a simple because I said no, and having to question the whole bases of societies eating habits, my brain can’t stop thinking about all of this.  I’m almost ready to say “Let them eat cake!” for breakfast because I’m running out of reasons to not.


4 Responses

  1. I agree with the kids…I hate breakfast foods so It’s hard to say no to cake…and would it be okay if they just put “pan” in front of it 🙂

  2. Tell them that in the beginning of time, Dinosaurs ate vegetables in the morning and meat in the evening. Hence, wheat for breakfast and meat for dinner.

    I totally made that up, but c’mon. Sounds feasible, no?

  3. Hmmm Thanks now you got me thinking as well.

  4. Maybe if it makes you feel better, give them cake that’s more breakfast-themed like a carrot cake or a coffee cake (or a chocolate zucchini cake!), but really, the healthiest donut is probably less nutritious than a healthy-type cake. Cereal is all sugar anyway, it’s not much better than cake.

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