Leave Barbie alone already

Another new Barbie line, and another bunch of mothers up in arms over them.  When are we all going to realize that other than her clothes and hairstyle she hasn’t changed that much in a LONG time.  One of them is being called “Big boobed Barbie”.  I want everyone to repeat after me “All of them have the same size boobs”

Barbie is a toy.  A toy that almost all of us played with in our childhoods.  The Barbies that my girls play with have the same proportions as the Barbies I played with in the 80s.  The difference in the two are the clothes.  Barbie has always been very chic and in style.  The styles today are just more revealing than they have been before.  Most of us have that one bra and one shirt that when combined make our boobs look like gravity hasn’t had any effect on us, and we love wearing it.  Barbie is plastic and doesn’t need the miracle bra like us.

Can’t we just lay off Barbie and concentrate on something that could be an actual issue?


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