Race day in Indiana

Sunday of Memorial Day weekend means only one thing growing up in Indiana. Race day. The day that if you have tickets everyone is your best friend, Bob and Tom are live from the track, and you’re going to see some interesting things in the snake pit.
I was lucky enough growing up that my parents had tickets to the Indianapolis 500, which is actually raced in Speedway In. My Senior year of high school I remember as my graduation present they let me go with my boyfriend and 2 friends, no supervision. That was the first year I was able to go into the famous “snake pit”.
The snake pit was turn four. People had been partying for days. Half naked women and men were passed out in random spots. I’m not sure if anyone in that area was even coherent enough to know that there was a race going on.
The snake pit has been turned into the family mounds now in an attempt to make the race more family friendly. But on this day I still get like a little kid on Christmas when I hear Jim Neighbors sing “Back Home Again in Indiana” and the famous words ” Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines.”
Since I am in Indiana I will not be able to watch the race with the rest of you. Sadly it is blacked out here, and always has been. So come 7pm I will be glued to my tv for the replay of the race, pretending that it is only noon.

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  1. Hi just found you on CafeMom!

    Love your blog name!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

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