Back to school time

Ah summer is in full swing, the kids are bored out of their minds attempting to entertain themselves by killing each other.  I’m trying to figure out what to do with all the cucumbers in my garden, and the baby bunnies have ate my tomatoes.  All of this can only mean one thing, it’s time again to go back to school shopping.  Time to argue with my daughters on why certain things are not appropriate for school, and why they cannot have the Jonas Brothers pencils that they must have or they are “going to die”  I hear our friends complaining about having to buy 20 boxes of crayons for each of their kids back to school list, and my husband complaining about how expensive shoes are.  Not to mention that he doesn’t understand WHY girls need a black pair, brown pair, sneakers, and gym shoes.  I’ve tried the so they’ll match argument for years, but alas he still does not get it.  So in this busy time I leave you other parents with this exciting thought, in just a few short days the kids will be back in school and we can all take a huge breath of air knowing that we survived another summer while throwing our back to school keggers


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