Who ever said “kids shouldn’t hear NO” is an idiot

Ah the perfect granola helicopter June Cleaver moms have gotten to me again.  The fact that someone actually thinks that children shouldn’t hear the word “no” because it, well I’m not sure what because I was attempting to pick my jaw up off of the floor from the first part should come to my house and deal with my children and husband!

Around here “no” is a verb, noun, and I’m starting to think that it’s my youngest childs name.  Just about every minute or two you will hear “No, we are getting ready to eat lunch you cannot have a snack”, “NO, you cannot put your brother in a box”, “NO, don’t do that, you’ll hurt your sister”, “No honey, you cannot buy that right now”, “If you ask me again the answer will still be NO” “No, QUIT, PUT THE KNIVES BACK!”  I’m not seeing how it could be harmful to my children to say those two little letters so much, but if I get a therapy bill 20 years from now I guess I can always tell them “NO, I am not the one that screwed up your childhood, and NO I will not be paying this bill”


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  1. I agree. They will hear the word “No” when they grow up. Most certainly they will.

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