There is “something”

I have been hearing a noise for a few hours now.  Small scratching noises, and rustling coming from behind my computer desk.  My first instinct of course was to pull my feet up onto my computer chair and ignore the noise.  Well 30 minutes later it was becoming quiet annoying and with the dog still sleeping, I did what any rational woman would do.  Without putting my feet on the floor, I grabbed my wicker basket off of my computer desk, kneeled on my computer chair, and looked behind my desk ready to strike whatever monster was going to jump out at me.  Only to discover that there was nothing there.   Thinking that it was all in my head from lack of sleep, I went back to my playing around on  After hearing the “something” again I decided that there must be a mouse either in the wall or kitchen cabinet directly behind my computer desk.  Once the dog woke up I had her stand with me while I opened the cabinet, I have no idea if she is a mouse dog or not, but I figured that we’d find out if Shelties will catch mice.  There is nothing in the cabinet.  So we are down to the wall.  Now I just need to decide if this little guy is driving me crazy enough to put a hole in my wall or not.


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