Not allow epidurals?

Sen. Dan Liljenquist of Utah wants to cut costs.  If he’s trying to win over American women, he’s going about it the wrong way.  He is wanting to cut “elective” procedures from Medicaid.  This would include scheduled C-Sections and epidural.

My first thought when I heard this was “This man obviously does not have children”.  If he had children he would understand that men should stay out of women’s issues.  No man could understand what child birth is like, the closest thing they have is kidney stones, and even then it’s a stretch to compare the two.

Men whine about head colds, hang nails, ingrown toe nails, and having to have stitches.  They play rough sports attempting to relive their highschool glory days, and then sit on the couch with ice packs asking you for the icy hot.  Men cannot tolerate pain, blood, needles, or 3am feedings of newborns.

To take that option away from women who are on Medicaid is ridiculous.  Everyone has a different pain tolerance, no one knows what their braking point is till they hit it.  Some women epidurals actually let them relax instead of fighting their bodies and let them deliver quicker.  I am one of these women.  I have 3 children and I had 3 epidurals.  I progressed quicker after my epidural than before.  For the simple fact that I was relaxed and not thinking about pain.  If my insurance company had told me that they weren’t going to pay for it because it was an elective procedure I would have gone off on them.

So Sen. Dan Liljenquist my challenge to you is this.  After you squeeze an 8lb watermelon out of your ass, then you can propose a bill to cut out epidurals.  Till then please stick to what men are good at, questioning retired baseball players about their rumored steroid use.


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