Road Kill and Capes

Dead hedgehog (roadkill) at the side of a road.

Image via Wikipedia

My daughter has informed me that I am “So not in style Mom”.  So I might have shirts that I still wear from the 90’s, and I might be stuck in a continuous circle of tees, hoodies, and jeans.  It wasn’t until she looked at me and with a look of horror on her face asked “You aren’t wearing THAT today are you?” that I thought that I might need to update my look a little.

The newest line of clothing I’m thinking may be my answer to making her realise that what I wear isn’t that bad.  Ke$sha is the latest pop diva with her own clothing line.  She wants to bring back the cape and honor animals killed on the side of the road by using them in her clothing line.  “I’m trying really hard to bring back capes. They’ve been out since the 1800s, it’s about time they came back.” Ke$sha said in an MTV interview.

Aside from attempting to look like a preschooler pretending to be superman, there will also be roadkill and recycled feathers being used in her clothes.  “I do [design my own stuff] and I work with people that help me,” she said. “For instance they designed this hat. We find roadkill and put it on my clothes and recycled feathers.” She also added that “I think it’s important not to kill animals. I also think it’s an honor to the animal if it’s already dead and sitting on the side of a highway. I might as well wear it on MTV.”  Well if she’s looking for road kill to wear, she should be looking on my road ( please see Crazy woodland creatures) enough of them decide to end their lives in front of my truck, including a opposum just a few hours ago.

If this is what the young people of today are wearing, I think I’m going to stick with my cotton shirts and jeans.  No offense to Ke$sha but I don’t think that I’ll look good in a raccoon tank top.  Although I might go ahead and get a deer cape and hedgehog hat  just so the next time my daughter asks me if I’m wearing my favorite hawaiian shirt to drop her off at cheer, I can go put it on and take her wearing the latest thing instead of embarrassing her by being out of style.


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