September means Halloween?

It's that time of year once again, Halloween u...

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Ah the leaves have yet to change colors let alone fall yet.  It is not even the “official” end of summer.  I haven’t gone to my Labor Day weekend BBQs.  But the Halloween decorations and costumes are already out, and have been for weeks.  Some stores started as early as July putting them out.

I’m not even sure what my kids are going to want for supper, let alone what they are going to want to dress up as for Halloween.  They will change their minds at least a million times in the next two months.  If I get their costumes now, they wont like them by then.  Or even worse, they will want to wear them around the house every day for the next 2 months spilling Kool Aid and wiping their hands after eating brownies on them.  When trick or treat time rolls around their costumes will look as if they had already ate a bag of candy before stopping at Grandma’s for pictures.

When did the consumer based costume demand start peaking the second week in September?  When I was a kid a week before Halloween you would go to the store and pick out something with a cheap mask, or just a cheap mask.  Now if you do that, you won’t even be able to find a mask, let alone a cheap one.  All of the good and popular costumes are sold out in August.

Of course this shouldn’t bother me that I have to buy my children‘s Halloween items in August, after all they need to get rid of the Fall items before October so they can start setting up the Christmas decorations.


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