Lesson to mothers….

We all know the mothers that over react to everything.  The ones that think allowing another child to bring cupcakes to school for their birthday will lead to their child being over weight.  The reason that we don’t keep score during children’s games, and everyone gets a trophy.  And my all time favorite, the ones that think CPS should be called because you don’t have your child in bubble wrap attached to your hip 24 hours a day until they are married.

One group is taking a stand against these mothers.  I applaud the Madison Heights Wolverines Cheerleading Squad for finally showing one of these mothers that going over the top is not encouraged.  I do feel bad for the little girl that isn’t allowed to be on the team due to her mothers actions.  I also am sad that her mother had to embarrass her by going to the media, and making a huge deal over, in my opinion, nothing.  I can understand Jennifer Tesch’s frustration with not liking something that was going on.  But after she was told that this cheer had been done for 20 years, why take it to the media over something so small?  Not to mention that people don’t pay attention to cheerleaders during football games, they are there to watch the football game.

Parents of children are becoming more and more involved which can be a good thing.  Unfortunately we also get those parents that feel that they should be the center of attention, instead of the true reason behind activities which is kids having fun and learing to work together.  I’m hoping that with this one organizations stand against over the top parents more will follow suit, I doubt that will happen, but I can at least hope.


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