The toys are multiplying on their own

Kool-Aid Man

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There are toys all over the kids toy room as I type this.  Of course none of them will pick up because the others won’t and it’s much more fun to drive mom nuts by whining than actually doing something about it.   I know that with 3 kids there are going to be toys, and there are going to be times where they are not in the bins and are on the floor instead.   Sometimes I wonder where they all came from.

A friend of mine has an interesting theory on this subject.  She has decided that at night after all of the toys are put up, and the lights are turned off, the toys come to life.  Now this is where her theory gets a little strange.  While they are parting it up in the toy box, the toys become drunk off of Kool Aid, causing Barbie to lose her clothes.  Spiderman gets turned on, and pretty soon there is an orgie in your toy box.   This causes the toys to multiply, which is the reason that all parents can never figure out where all of the toys came from.

Now I think that the toys in my house are getting drunk off of Coke Cola instead of Kool Aid because my Cokes magically disappear out of the fridge while I am at work.   Now maybe we need to look further into this matter and one of us can get government funding to research the matter in depth.  This isn’t any crazier than the study that they funded to show that elderly people have less sex


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