We eat 12 spiders in our sleep, guess they want you to start early

The recent formula recall got me thinking about 3 things…
1. Bizarre foods when andrew eats the bugs. I always wonder why the legs don’t get stuck in his teeth.
2. The little known fact that the average person will eat I think its 4 spiders in their sleep. That gives me the sudden urge to bomb my house and sleep with a mask on.
3. All the things I’ve found my kids eating and chewing on. Paper, crayons, play doh, the dog, feet (theirs and mine) blankets, socks, shoes, rocks, dirt, sticks, grass, flowers, and their dads cooking.
With everything kids eat and chew on is a little extra protein going to kill them? I understand how a new mom would freak out over finding a cricket in the formula can. Me, I’d figure a kid put it in there to keep as a pet, then question my 3.

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  1. I have heard that same statistic about eating spiders in our sleep. totally freaks me out, too!!

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