Zombie Post Monday

After a long weekend with sick kids, work, and oh ya hubby to deal with I saw this over at Real Life with Kids and instantly knew what todays blog post was going to be lol

I orginaly wrote this little rant about Ranch Dressing after a trip to the grocery back in May

Why do we need so many different kinds of ranch dressing? Off the top of my head I can think of peppercorn ranch, hot and spicy ranch, cheesy ranch, 3 cheese ranch, italian cheese ranch, cucumber ranch, fat free, low fat, light, and of course original. There are several that I am missing from this list I’m sure. I’m really just confused on why we need this many different kinds of ranch dressing. I have enough going through my brain without having 20 different varieties of ranch dressing to choose from when I go to the store. It never fails that if I have everyone with me I manage to not grab original, and don’t realize it till I get home. Maybe I should switch to french, they don’t seem to mess with it like they do ranch.


2 Responses

  1. Ugh so true! Ranch dressing has been a problem from day freaking ONE!

  2. Agreed! Ranch dressing is the bane of my existence. When we eat out God forbid that the restaurant have the “wrong” kind of Ranch or worse yet – NONE at all!

    We literally have to monitor the RAnch intake of our 3 children or they’ll have clogged arteries before they reach puberty.

    Thanks so much for joining the RLWK Zombie Post Monday!!

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