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For a nation that 6 in 10 citizens say that religion is very important in their lives, a new survey by The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows that the majority of Americans fail a test on religion.  For a country that was founded with the idea of religious freedom, we seem to know nothing about religions other than Christianity and the Bible as a whole.

The findings of this survey are in no way shocking to me.  I as a non-Christian I know that Christians seem to know the least when it comes to something that is different from their beliefs.  Most of them cannot even tell you the difference in the different Christian churches.  It saddened me to learn that in most cases 50% or less could tell you the correct answer to questions about their own religion.  Just under half didn’t know that the Golden Rule was not one of the 10 commandments.  You would think that since there is a movie on the 10 commandments that we could at least get that one right.

Are some of us so wrapped up in our own worlds that we cannot see past what the religious leader talking about in our various services is his interpretation of the holy book that he is reading excerpts from?  It seems to me that the majority of Americans cannot see past their little bubble that they are living in.  They take what they hear as law in their faith, and do not actually read anything to back it up.  They seem to be listening to someones opinion and getting in an uproar over a subject without knowing if it is true or not.  A great example would be the Churches that have spewed how horrible and wicked the Harry Potter book and movie series are for years now.  These people have obviously never picked up and actually read the books or watched the movies because they would then know that it’s not about magic, it is about good vs evil, doing the right thing, finding true friends, making hard personal decisions, and so many more positive messages.

I feel sad that my children are growing up in a country that most don’t know that the Quran is the holy book of the Muslims.  After all the press about the psycho, I mean pastor, in Florida going to burn one not to mention the uproar over the “Mosque at Ground Zero” you would think that the majority of people could have figured that one out.  How can people have their panties in such a bunch over something that they know nothing about?

I hope that this survey will open the eyes of Americans about the different religions that are in our country.  Maybe this will be the start of people not screaming about religious freedom or about how their religion is being suppressed.  Hopefully it will be a time in our lives where people of different faiths will learn about each others faith, and support those faiths as we do our own.  By learning about each others faiths we can see that many of them are not so different.  But this is America, land of the selfish, the self-centered, and the self absorbed, so my hope for religious tolerance and learning to be achieved during my lifetime is something I will not likely see.


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  1. I was horrified that a religious leader would even consider burning a Holy book. Even one that isn’t of their faith. If the situation was reversed, and someone was going to burn the bible, there would be a lot of people outraged over it.

  2. I am hoping that most were upset over that! The fact that they thought it would be “ok” to do so really made me want to slap them lol

  3. How succinct! Thrilled to make your acquaintance, not sure how I found you, but so awfully glad that I did. Living here in Fl right now, it was amazing to us just how oblivious people around us were to the so called Holy man on his witch hunt.
    We homeschool our kids so that we can travel and it just works for us, but we tend to be surrounded by the Right Wing religious conservatives … its a challenge to be sure (we are liberal, and married to an atheist, makes it all the more interesting!) But we have an advantage in that we can ‘school’ our kids on all peoples, on all avenues of religion and hope that not only will they be tolerant and understanding of all people … but for their more religious Mom (me) that they reserve judgement on anyone’s faith, as judging others is just not our job … for doesn’t the Bible tell us so?
    i see some familiar faces from my blog roll on your side bar here, so off to check out the rest, and catch up on your posts – so HI! 🙂

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