Another child left alone

A mother holds up her child.

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I just heard about yet another child left home alone while their parents were out partying.  As a mother of 3 my heart goes out to this little one.  I’m sure that they were confused enough waking up in the middle of the night to find their mother gone, and then being placed into a home where they know no one makes it even worse.

I understand the pressure put on mothers today from society to be perfect.  It seems that unless you give up all of yourself people will label you a bad mother.  With all of the groups out there from the breast feeding militia, the rear facing till they are in their teens fanatics, the granola mommas cringing when you even think about sending chocolate chip cookies for snack day, the attachment parenting mommas who think you are horrible if you don’t spend every second with your child till they are married it is hard to figure how not to lose yourself.

I’m starting to wonder if we aren’t hearing more and more about these mothers leaving to go party because of them getting overwhelmed and losing themselves.  Today’s moms are being pushed more than ever to be the best parent 24 hours a day.  The internet is full of people with parenting criticism and perfect children who never once threw a tantrum because they didn’t want to go to bed.  You go to a site thinking that you can get help with your problem and instead are told how horrible it must be to think about getting a babysitter so you can go out for a night without your child. Or how you abandon your child all day for someone else to raise while you go to work.  Or my personal all time favorite Why did you even have a child if you were going to have someone else raise them.

I think that we need to step back and look at what we are doing to young mothers today.  There is a difference between putting information out there for mothers to make an informed decision and ramming the information down their throats to the point where they are scared if they give their child an M&M that they will be obese later in life.  We all have our causes that we feel strongly about, but we need to start figuring out new ways to get others in tune with our feelings. Putting each other down and telling someone else that they are a horrible mother just because they didn’t make the same decisions as you did in raising their children is something that no mother should do to another.

Of course there is the other side of the coin, that maybe these people are really just stupid.  Which brings up a couple of things that I feel strongly about…

first, you should have to pass a basic test in order to become a parent

second, stupid people shouldn’t reproduce (please refer to question one for more explanation)


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