To the Tea Party, why you shouldn’t cut Social Security

Social Security Torn Away

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I understand the Tea Party wishing to cut government spending.  I do believe that the spending of our government has gotten out of control and something does need to be done about it.  unfortunately cutting Social Security for those under age 55 is not the way to go about it.  The way to fix this country is not to take money away from those people whom cannot work.

People who are on Social Security under the age of 55 are the ones that need this money the most.  For many Social Security is their only income, the only way that they have to support themselves, and in my honest opinion most of the time it is not enough.  With the amount of medical bills that some of these people have, sometimes their Social Security all goes to doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals.  Some cannot even support themselves with what they are paid each month.  If anything, for these people, it needs to be raised.

Anyone who has gone through the process of attempting to receive Social Security disability knows that it is not easy.  Not only must you have your doctor send in your medical records, you also have to see the governments doctors, they interview you and your family.  From start to finish the process takes 6 months or longer, and then most are denied.  I know first hand how frustrating the system is, after the interviews how you feel like you might not have given enough information, and how you feel helpless while waiting on a decision from the government to see if you are disabled enough in their eyes for them to decide that you can receive money so that you can support your family.  I have been in tears over the process all while taking care of my family and trying to figure out how I was going to buy things that my children needed while getting the medicines that my husband needed.

My husband was one of the lucky ones, the government decided that he was truly disabled on his first attempt at receiving benefits.  Although now we are waiting for him to be disabled 2 years so he can receive medical, which is a whole other problem.  We were lucky that we didn’t have to go to court and fight for his benefits, or that it took years for him to be approved.

My husband has Multiple Sclerosis, he had an attack in June 2009 that left him disabled.  He now walks with a cane, he has memory problems, his balance was affected, he still has some problems with his left hand, he now has panic attacks almost constantly, and his eye site was affected.  After being a stay at home mom for three years I was forced to look for a job in a horrible economy.  I luckily had 7 years of grocery experience, and was seen as valuable to groceries, so I was hired quickly.  I work midnights so that I can take care of him, drive him to appointments, attempt to make a normal life for my 3 young children, and be around to do things in the house and yard.  I am mother and father some times to my kids.  My son will probably never be able to play catch with his dad, instead he will remember his dad watching as he played catch with his mother.  My girls won’t have their dad put them on his shoulders so they can see something up high, as he is no longer steady enough to pick them up.  My kids will remember only mom there for crowded events due to their dads anxiety problems.

If Social Security is cut for disabled people under the age of 55 families that are already dealing with emotional strain of having a person with disabilities in the house will also be dealing with financial problems also.  Why should you put that added strain on them of not knowing how they will support their family?  The disabled people of this country already have enough things to worry about without this unnecessary addition of losing their incomes.  I only hope that there is enough people out there who understand this, and do not support the Tea Party for their stance on this issue.


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  1. It is impossible to bail out a sinking canoe, with congress shaking it. 2.5 trillion dollars of our money used for anything they wanted out of scoial security. Now we have IOU papers, and a deficit that becomes OUR PROBLEM? Congress guys left town to retire like Obey with his pension intact. So don’t know the answer, but the problem is keeping their greedy fingers out of social security deposits that can’t replace 2.5 trillion in 2 years!

  2. Are you sure when they say “under 55” they are talking about people CURRENYLY on the system because of disability.
    They also usually say in the next sentence that we have keep the promise made for people in the system now. Even Ran Paul is very hard on cutting costs says this.
    When they say “under 55” believe they are saying those that are under 55 and would take retirement benefits in 10+ years.
    What you need to know now is that if we don’t fix this NOW you might be 65 and have nothing. We are on a path to having a debt that matches yearly GDP and once that happens Greek like collapses of all social programs is soon after and SS has added issues of Baby Boomers retiring stressing the system.
    This year we hit for the first point and years before prediction more money being paid out by Social Security than paid in.. It is failing.. either more people get less and people who don’t need it stop taking it or it may not be there for anyone even people who have no choice. Our debt is creating a bomb that will be unstoppable in 4-5 years.
    We only got out of FDR’s spending and slow depression because of WAR.. That is not an option…
    Both Democrat Wilson and Democrat FDR ended thier depressions with WAR.

  3. First off Liberty, my generation cannot retire at 65, the government has moved our retirement age back to 67, Second I have been hearing for 16 years how SS more than likely won’t be around when I finally am 67. The SS problem isn’t something that just came up, its been around for years. Everyone knew when the baby boomers hit retirement age this would happen. No one did anything. Now this joke of a party (and btw I’m registered as an independent, so no party affiliation) is attempting to lower or in some cases even do away with SS benefits. Yes, I can read. I have read many articles on the Tea Party’s stance on this issue as it directly effects me. Best case scenario if this was to go into effect is his benefits would be cut, and possibly my children’s too. Some in the party think we should do away with the program completely. Even if his benefits were to stay the same and it effected only ones coming into the system, it would still effect other families in a similar situation
    There are plenty of things that the government can cut spending wise without touching SS, but of course that would never happen because it might piss off one of the special interest groups that support their campaigns.
    Thirdly we aren’t in a depression, its a recession.

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