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Today the Supreme Court will be holding a hearing about if the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS can constitutionally picket soldiers funerals under the first amendment.  I personally think this is a no brainer, anyone who would want to picket a funeral is mentally unstable and should be locked up.  End of court battle and these extremists would not be allowed to bother anymore grieving families.  Unfortunately our constitutional rights are not that black and white, and this would fall into a gray area of free speech that us sane Americans would never think of being in.

While I will admit that they can say the things that they do, no matter how hateful and vile I think they are, the location of where they are saying them is what I have the biggest problem with.  For people who are supposed to be Christians to do such hateful things, makes me glad to not be a Christian.  I think that these “Christians” missed the part about do unto others as ye would have them do unto you, because I think that they would be upset if someone came and disrupted the funeral of one of their family members.

These men are sons, fathers, husbands, uncles, cousins, grandsons, and brothers to the people at their funerals.  Children have lost their father and now see these people saying that he was a murder and that God hates him.  We as adults can separate the truth from a psychotic idiots point of view, but children cannot see that difference as well.  What they know is that their daddy or mommy is dead, and these people are happy about it.  Way to go again Westboro Baptist Church on remembering what is in your bibles about Jesus loving the little children.

This church needs to, in my opinion, go through their bibles again.  Their God has killed more people and taken more innocent lives than American soldiers ever have.  Wars have been fought in their God’s name that have killed thousands if not millions of people.  People have been tortured, outcast, burned, and killed in their Gods name.  For as many lives as their God has taken without a second thought, these people are sure spending a lot of time and money saying that he hates others for something less than he has done.  Not to mention no where does it say in the bible that God hates the people who have fought in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I’m not sure how the Supreme Court will rule in this case.  I know that no amount of money can take away the pain from the families who the picketers have hurt.  While I don’t think that our first amendment rights should be infringed upon, I do think that this goes beyond what our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the right to free speech into the constitution.  I’m sure that none of them thought that the highest court in the land would be making a decision on if it’s okay for people to hold signs at a deceased military members funeral, or that anyone in this country could ever think of doing such a thing.

I hope that the founding fathers ideals are with the justices on the Supreme court as they make their ruling, and they rule as they see fit.  I do not wish I was in any of their shoes, because this is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t type rulings that will go into the history books no matter which way they rule.


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  1. Ill make this post as nice as humanly possible (by saying little lol)

    I think these crazy nut jobs should be locked up for an indefinite amount of time. and should not be allowed to teach their children this craziness!

  2. There is a very good chance that you and my husband were separated at birth!
    Great post, there is a fine line between many things … but there is a chasm here btw anti war and just plain decency!

  3. Amen sister!!! Just stumbled and reviewed you!

  4. I agree that anyone who pickets a funeral is mentally unstable. And I think that anyone who behaves like that doesn’t have the right to call themselves any religion. Christians as a whole wouldn’t behave like that.

  5. Nicole you must have married a smart man

    • He is rather smart, and quite a looker .. and did I mention he is a fab chef … good thing he travels a lot else I would weigh over 200lbs 🙂
      I was just telling an old friend of mine (friends since we were six!) that she would enjoy reading your blog, she will never be a fluffy blog reader, but she truly enjoy your point of view!

  6. Thanks for the review Lynn!

  7. Liz I didn’t even say it as well as you did in my post even.

  8. This is so ridiculous, it really is. I am one who is normally a proponent of free speech, but this- well, this is just heinous. These poor people are burying their loved ones and they have to deal with this nonsense. It is not as though the individual soldiers make policies, or even agree OR disagree. They serve their country period. These protestors should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. There is absolutely nothing right about what they’re trying to do and more things wrong with it than I have time to list!

  10. These people are crazy in my opinion! I do not associate anything they are doing with Christianity. Not that I am the perfect Christian myself, but I have learned that every time some uses Christ, Islam, or any religion to backup the crap they are doing… you should view their actions even closer.

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