Bottom line, the sick kids get the raw end


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I was excited to see some sort of health care reformed passed.  With my husband having Multiple Sclerosis, he is seen as having a preexisting condition and is basically uninsurable.  We were lucky that I found a job before his insurance ran out and they were forced to accept him.  The down side to this is that most people who are hourly in jobs are now hired in as part-time and are offered “mini meds” plans.  These plans only will cover a couple thousand dollars per person.  Which if you have someone with a health issue these plans are basically kibosh.

Obama’s health plan wanted to do away with mini meds plans, and with preexisting conditions.  This would help out not only those in my situation with a sick spouse, but also those with sick children.  The plan is set to be completely in effect by 2014, the first phase of the plan was to be in place by the end of the year.  Unfortunately corporations and insurance companies are applying for waivers to not have to put the first phase in to effect just quiet yet.  One such corporation is Mc Donalds, who is saying that the regulations would strip employees of their existing coverage. The reason Mc Donalds is stating it would strip them of their existing coverage is that they, much like most employers, are not offering their employees what this piece of legislation has deemed the bear minimum of coverage that they must offer.  So they would be forced to find a different plan to offer their employees that would meet the minimum requirements set.

Insurance carries are threating to stop selling new policies for children in some states.  They are stating that the new regulations would not protect them from having to cover too many sick children.  As a mother, I do not see how an insurance company could ever publicly admit that it does not want to cover sick children!  Parents have enough to worry about if they have a sick child without adding the fact that insurance companies do not want to take on more children for fear that they would not make money off of them.

I was hoping that we could have an easy transition into the new health care plan.  I see now that we are going to have to fight tooth and nail to end this kibosh the insurance companies and corporations are giving us.  A company as successful as Mc Donalds should have no problem handling to pay more in insurance premiums.  I have a feeling that these companies that are applying for waivers forget that with better insurance comes healthier employees and employees families.  Children can be better taken care of with better insurance resulting in less days parents call in because their children are sick.

Now I know that some children have cancer, Congenital heart disease, Muscular dystrophy, Leukemia, and many other things that are very costly.  Can these insurance companies and corporations actually say that they can just turn their backs on these children?  Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and malpractice suits have driven the cost of health care to outrageous prices.  One of my husband’s medications is $2,500 a month, which of course our insurance provider will not cover.  So I do feel some of the pain that parents of sick children do financially, but still can not fathom the emotions they go through.

It is sad that the insurance companies are flat-out saying that they don’t want to cover these children.  These families did not ask for their children to be sick.  They did not ask to have to pay thousand upon thousands of dollars so their child can have a chance at life.  I think that it is the least these people fighting against insurance reform could do is make sure that these children are covered.

I do not usually ask my readers for anything, but in this case I’m going to.  I would like for the powers in charge to know that we as Americans do not approve of this kibosh, I encourage you all to write to the administration, your congressmen, your state governors even to put a stop to the waivers.  It is time for all Americans from the youngest to the oldest to be allowed to have good medical coverage, especially those families that have sick children.

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