Zombie Post Monday: Road Kill and Capes

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This post was originally published in August after a conversation with my oldest, and more fashionable, daughter.

Road Kill and Capes

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Dead hedgehog (roadkill) at the side of a road.

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Image via Wikipedia

My daughter has informed me that I am “So not in style Mom”.  So I might have shirts that I still wear from the 90′s, and I might be stuck in a continuous circle of tees, hoodies, and jeans.  It wasn’t until she looked at me and with a look of horror on her face asked “You aren’t wearing THAT today are you?” that I thought that I might need to update my look a little.

The newest line of clothing I’m thinking may be my answer to making her realise that what I wear isn’t that bad.  Ke$sha is the latest pop diva with her own clothing line.  She wants to bring back the cape and honor animals killed on the side of the road by using them in her clothing line.  “I’m trying really hard to bring back capes. They’ve been out since the 1800s, it’s about time they came back.” Ke$sha said in an MTV interview.

Aside from attempting to look like a preschooler pretending to be superman, there will also be roadkill and recycled feathers being used in her clothes.  “I do [design my own stuff] and I work with people that help me,” she said. “For instance they designed this hat. We find roadkill and put it on my clothes and recycled feathers.” She also added that “I think it’s important not to kill animals. I also think it’s an honor to the animal if it’s already dead and sitting on the side of a highway. I might as well wear it on MTV.”  Well if she’s looking for road kill to wear, she should be looking on my road ( please see Crazy woodland creatures) enough of them decide to end their lives in front of my truck, including a opposum just a few hours ago.

If this is what the young people of today are wearing, I think I’m going to stick with my cotton shirts and jeans.  No offense to Ke$sha but I don’t think that I’ll look good in a raccoon tank top.  Although I might go ahead and get a deer cape and hedgehog hat  just so the next time my daughter asks me if I’m wearing my favorite hawaiian shirt to drop her off at cheer, I can go put it on and take her wearing the latest thing instead of embarrassing her by being out of style.

Zombie Post Monday

After a long weekend with sick kids, work, and oh ya hubby to deal with I saw this over at Real Life with Kids and instantly knew what todays blog post was going to be lol

I orginaly wrote this little rant about Ranch Dressing after a trip to the grocery back in May

Why do we need so many different kinds of ranch dressing? Off the top of my head I can think of peppercorn ranch, hot and spicy ranch, cheesy ranch, 3 cheese ranch, italian cheese ranch, cucumber ranch, fat free, low fat, light, and of course original. There are several that I am missing from this list I’m sure. I’m really just confused on why we need this many different kinds of ranch dressing. I have enough going through my brain without having 20 different varieties of ranch dressing to choose from when I go to the store. It never fails that if I have everyone with me I manage to not grab original, and don’t realize it till I get home. Maybe I should switch to french, they don’t seem to mess with it like they do ranch.

We eat 12 spiders in our sleep, guess they want you to start early

The recent formula recall got me thinking about 3 things…
1. Bizarre foods when andrew eats the bugs. I always wonder why the legs don’t get stuck in his teeth.
2. The little known fact that the average person will eat I think its 4 spiders in their sleep. That gives me the sudden urge to bomb my house and sleep with a mask on.
3. All the things I’ve found my kids eating and chewing on. Paper, crayons, play doh, the dog, feet (theirs and mine) blankets, socks, shoes, rocks, dirt, sticks, grass, flowers, and their dads cooking.
With everything kids eat and chew on is a little extra protein going to kill them? I understand how a new mom would freak out over finding a cricket in the formula can. Me, I’d figure a kid put it in there to keep as a pet, then question my 3.

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It figures….

Toliet Paper Check, ya soft

Image by Jp Gary via Flickr

As any mother knows, it is impossible to go to the bathroom by yourself once your children are able to crawl.  The only time I have been able to pee by myself in the last 8 years is if it’s in the middle of the night and then I’m scared that I’ll wake one of them up if I breathe too loud.  So what happened the other day has me completely baffled beyond belief.

My husband was using the bathroom when our youngest decided to open the door.  I heard the familiar “What ya doin” come out of his mouth, and then the even more familiar ” Get out of here and shut the door behind you!”  Then something that would never be heard if I was in the bathroom, the door close and little feet in the hallway.

Now I’m confused on why my children will leave my husband alone so he can go to the bathroom by himself, take a shower with no one interrupting, not walk into the bedroom while he is changing clothes, or even let him check his email in peace.  I’ve tried to do all of these and without fail someone in this house will interrupt me, even sometimes my husband.

The only reason I can think of for this differential treatment of Mom and Dad is that mothers have a beacon that goes off in a frequency that only her children and husband can hear to let them know that Mom might possibly be doing something without one of them present.  Now if I could only figure out how to turn mine off so I can manage to take a shower by myself.

The toys are multiplying on their own

Kool-Aid Man

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There are toys all over the kids toy room as I type this.  Of course none of them will pick up because the others won’t and it’s much more fun to drive mom nuts by whining than actually doing something about it.   I know that with 3 kids there are going to be toys, and there are going to be times where they are not in the bins and are on the floor instead.   Sometimes I wonder where they all came from.

A friend of mine has an interesting theory on this subject.  She has decided that at night after all of the toys are put up, and the lights are turned off, the toys come to life.  Now this is where her theory gets a little strange.  While they are parting it up in the toy box, the toys become drunk off of Kool Aid, causing Barbie to lose her clothes.  Spiderman gets turned on, and pretty soon there is an orgie in your toy box.   This causes the toys to multiply, which is the reason that all parents can never figure out where all of the toys came from.

Now I think that the toys in my house are getting drunk off of Coke Cola instead of Kool Aid because my Cokes magically disappear out of the fridge while I am at work.   Now maybe we need to look further into this matter and one of us can get government funding to research the matter in depth.  This isn’t any crazier than the study that they funded to show that elderly people have less sex

September means Halloween?

It's that time of year once again, Halloween u...

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Ah the leaves have yet to change colors let alone fall yet.  It is not even the “official” end of summer.  I haven’t gone to my Labor Day weekend BBQs.  But the Halloween decorations and costumes are already out, and have been for weeks.  Some stores started as early as July putting them out.

I’m not even sure what my kids are going to want for supper, let alone what they are going to want to dress up as for Halloween.  They will change their minds at least a million times in the next two months.  If I get their costumes now, they wont like them by then.  Or even worse, they will want to wear them around the house every day for the next 2 months spilling Kool Aid and wiping their hands after eating brownies on them.  When trick or treat time rolls around their costumes will look as if they had already ate a bag of candy before stopping at Grandma’s for pictures.

When did the consumer based costume demand start peaking the second week in September?  When I was a kid a week before Halloween you would go to the store and pick out something with a cheap mask, or just a cheap mask.  Now if you do that, you won’t even be able to find a mask, let alone a cheap one.  All of the good and popular costumes are sold out in August.

Of course this shouldn’t bother me that I have to buy my children‘s Halloween items in August, after all they need to get rid of the Fall items before October so they can start setting up the Christmas decorations.