About me

I decided it was time to update this. I always hate doing it for some reason.

I am Marsha a working mom. Right there that statement should get a few “perfect” moms up in arms. I will be the first to admit that I procrastinate, hate housework, love to read, and I have a very relaxed parenting style. I work 3rd shift, so my days and nights are completely switched at this point in time, which always makes for interesting days.

My husband, Tim, aka “The Big Guy” is disabled. He has Multiple Sclerosis along with a multitude of other things at this point in time. He is now a Stay at Home Dad after working between 60 and 80 hours a week during the first part of our children’s lives. Oh and should probably mention that he doesn’t have a relaxed parenting style and is a bit of a helocopter parent. Which drives me NUTS.

Kynz, our oldest daughter. She’s going to be a tween this year. *sigh* She is our drama queen, fashonista, and way to smart for her own good

Mady, our middle child. Mady is dramatic, wants to get her way, and The Big Guys best shot at a Heisman trophy winner with the way she tackles anyone who pisses her off.

Xander aka “The little guy”. Well he’s a toddler. Loves to run around naked, just discovered computer games, can’t keep clean to save him, and is a tad bit on the hyper side. Basically all around boy

Sky/Skylar. My furbaby. Sky is our ever so patient 6 year old sheltie that thinks she’s as big as a Rottweiler. Makes a lot of noise, but is scared of everything

Well that’s my family. We might not be perfect in other’s eyes, but to me they all are


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